Awesome New Tab Page FAQ

Awesome New Tab Page is a Chrome extension that supercharges your new tab page with your favorite shortcuts and widgets. You can install it for Chrome from the Chrome Web Store:


How do I create a shortcut to my favorite website?

Open ANTP. Using the padlock on the left side of the screen, unlock Awesome New Tab Page; the grid should appear. Click on an empty tile to start editing. You’ll want to change at least the Name, URL, and Icon (under Background).

Pro Tip: When editing the shortcut, go to the “Search” settings and configure the value to search the website quickly! For example, if you have a Wikipedia shortcut, you could set the search URL to{input}&go=Go&ns0=1.
With ANTP locked, now when you mouseover the tile, a search box will appear that you can use right from your home page.

How do I remove a shortcut or widget?

Open ANTP. Using the padlock on the left side of the screen, click to unlock. Mouseover the shortcut you want to remove and click the X icon. If removing a widget that was installed from the Chrome Web Store, you can also visit chrome://extensions to remove the extension from your browser as well.

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I :heart: Awesome New Tab Page! I’ve been a user for well over a decade and have set up multiple different home and work computers with time-saving shortcuts that have made my browsing more efficient. Thanks for the great extension, and thanks for building this forum to support it!

I might just be tired, but for the life of me, I can’t recall or even see how to make a multi-tile widget! I have some that I’ve made, so I know it’s possible. I would appreciate a nudge in the right direction.


Hi @embiggened, take a look at the Meta-Tile Widget [ANTP] thread to download this extension for Chrome. It should then appear in your widgets menu for you to add.