GitHub repository for ANTP

I have been using ANTP for years, since iGoogle went away (remember that thing?). I have cobbled together a few extensions of my own, but would like to get a little deeper. is private and does not exist (at least, not publicly).
I searched for ANTP and found many forks of the project, and a bunch of other interesting stuff, but I’d like to find the Original Source.
I have several other questions, but I could probably answer them myself by looking at the code.

Hi @HardScale, thanks for being a long time user!

Awesome New Tab Page was at one time open source, but was taken closed source sometime in 2012-2013 after the license was violated and other extensions were misrepresenting themselves as ANTP in the Chrome Web Store. At this time, there is no intention to share the source code, although improvements to the product are on the way. If you have feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.

Widgets that were written for “poke v1” and “poke v2” methods of integration still work, although there are not as many available today as there were a few years ago. For now, all directions and resources for widget creation are temporarily unavailable while improvements are being made to how integration works. I hope to have more to share in the coming weeks!