Weather widget?

Hey guys! Are we able to make a weather widget that has an icon that keeps changing, showing also various indications like if it’s raining or not?

Hi @Password and welcome to the forum. I think this is an excellent idea, and reminds me of the behavior of the Weather app icons on iOS and Android.

Currently the ANTP Weather widget is unavailable at the moment as we’re working to improve it. I’ll see about adding something like this as well!

That is an excellent Idea, the weather in Colorado changes every 15 minutes. I had a great ANTP on my Windows 7 computer. I want to figure out how to remove the hard drive and install it in my new computer so I can get a copy of my old ANTP, it took me months and months to create that page, and the backup I thought I created apparently didn’t make it to Google drive like I thought it did. I really don’t have spare time to recreate another one, it was SO USEFUL, I used the backup feature incorrectly, or didn’t follow the directions correctly to make sure the backup was in Google Drive, I thought it was there but it isn’t.
I Love the Weather Widget idea. :sun_behind_small_cloud: